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We actively contribute to a more efficient and sustainable performance of your vessels


For 50 years, CS electric has serviced the marine industry nationally and globally with the development of new systems for energy optimization, as well as upgrading and maintenance of existing systems. Therefore, we understand the industry and the importance of a fleet performing under competitive conditions.


How can I minimize the energy consumption of my vessel? Why do I constantly get error messages on my ballast water system? How can shore connections help my fleet live up to IMO's greenhouse gas reduction targets? How do I ensure that my fleet is modern, reliable and secure?

The challenges and questions are many when it comes to ensuring a competitive, flexible, efficient and sustainable fleet that must be the absolute best at what it does; namely to contribute actively to the marine infrastructure and logistics.

At CS electric, we are happy to help with consultancy in connection with energy optimization, retrofitting of existing systems, development of new systems, installation tasks, troubleshooting, global service concepts or new spare parts. Our business is to make your business better.


Whether it is retrofitting and upgrading existing systems or developing and designing new systems, CS electric is your loyal and competent maritime partner.

We support many of the main systems that are found on board the vessels within propulsion, distribution, auxiliary, monitoring, comfort, energy efficiency and deck equipment. We provide modern and fully integrated solutions that ensure fewer downtimes, automatic control of both manned and unmanned processes, monitoring, and improved decision-making through the use of data for increased energy optimization and security.

We are your full-service provider of technology solutions, and we handle everything from project management, design, engineering, purchasing, production, installation and commissioning to testing and final delivery.



Every unplanned incident can have severe safety, environmental and economic consequences especially in the Maritime Industry with the vessels often located in isolated places with no access to external assistance.

CS electric offers global marine service 24/7/365. We assist with service, maintenance, troubleshooting and reparation of equipment and systems within LV and MV electrical distribution as well as automation solutions for managing auxiliary systems. We invest what is needed in order for your vessels to perform.

We also offer tailor-made service agreements that ensure preventive maintenance on critical systems. This minimizes the risk of unexpected downtime, which can lead to increased operating costs and delays.



For many years, CS electric has built up a portfolio of important strategic partners, enabling us to offer sales, warehousing and distribution of vital technical components and spare parts for worldwide delivery.

Our product portfolio includes electrical equipment and components, PLCs, HMI displays, motors, gears, frequency converters, soft starters, sensors, pumps, etc. from manufacturers like Omron, CG Emotron, Bonfiglioli, Schneider, ABB, Baumer and many more.

Whether you want a one-on-one replacement or conversion to another brand, our competent employees will help with the right product solution for you. We guarantee short response time and are at the same time stock leaders within several product types, which means short delivery time and ultimately maximum value for your vessel.


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John Hansen
Department Manager | Marine
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Henrik Knudsen
Solution Portfolio Manager | Marine