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We help your company produce smarter, more efficient and more sustainably


Customers and end users of the industry place ever greater demands on competitiveness and the environment when it comes to manufacturing. At CS electric, we have dedicated ourselves to helping our industrial customers minimize costs and their impact on the environment through the use of technology in their manufacturing process. We do this when we design new solutions and when upgrading and maintaining existing solutions. We understand the importance of the industry performing under competitive conditions, both economically and and environmentally.


How does the factory of the future look? What technologies can I use to my advantage in my manufacturing process? How can I minimize energy consumption and waste in my production? Why should I consider introducing robots into my production environment, and what value will it create? Why do I constantly get error messages on my palletizing system? How do I ensure that my production appears reliable, sustainable and safe?

The challenges and questions are many when it comes to ensuring a competitive, efficient and sustainable production that must meet the demands of the future.

At CS electric, we are happy to help with consultancy in connection with the development and design of new solutions, upgrading of existing solutions, troubleshooting, commissioning, service concepts or new spare parts. Our business is to make your business better!


Whether it's upgrading existing systems or designing and developing new systems, CS electric is your loyal and competent industrial partner when it comes to automating your production environment.

We deliver value-creating and fully integrated solutions within electrical-, automation-, robot- and data technology. We support the industry's needs in relation to increased efficiency through automation of both manning and unmanned processes, as well as control, monitoring and energy optimization of essential production equipment. All with a focus on strengthening your competitiveness and creating a sustainable production with a healthy working environment.

We are your full-service supplier of technology solutions, which handles everything from project management, design, engineering, purchasing, production, installation, commissioning, testing and delivery.


In the industry sector, downtime can have both major safety and financial consequences. It's about having an efficient and reliable production apparatus that supports the company's needs, and this is where CS electric enters the picture.

CS electric provides service 24/7/365 and offers tailor-made service agreements that ensure preventive maintenance of critical equipment and systems, thus minimizing the risk of unexpected downtime and thereby minimizing increased operating costs.

In the event of an accident, we assist with troubleshooting and repairing control panels and other high-end systems within electrical-, automation- and robot- technology. In addition, we offer online support on network-based solutions, which means that we can quickly get rid of any problem. We invest what it takes and then some in order for your production to get back into operation as soon as possible.


For many years, CS electric has built up a portfolio of strategic partners that enable us to offer sales, warehousing and distribution of technical components and spare parts for worldwide delivery.

Our product portfolio includes PLCs, HMI displays, motors, gears, frequency converters, soft starters, sensors, pumps, robots, etc. from manufacturers like Omron, CG Emotron, Bonfiglioli, Schneider, Beckhoff, Baumer, TECHMAN and many more.

Whether it is a one-on-one replacement, or conversion to another brand, our flexible and competent employees will help with the right product solution for you. We guarantee a short response time and are at the same time a stock leader in several product types, which means day-to-day delivery and ultimately maximum value for your company.