Our services are often targeted at some of the most critical processes at our customers. Many years of daily presence on the factory floor and on board tankers and vessels have taught us how important it is that we are able to do our job right. We are very aware of the responsibility we take on and will, thus, go far in order to always provide the right technological solution on time and on budget.


Through the implementation of intelligent automation solutions we help our customers reduce costs, improve quality, and increase capacities. We develop and integrate all kind of automation projects such as switchboards, control panels with PLC, HMI, SCADA, servo motion, drives technology, robotics and large turnkey projects.

Service and maintenance

Thanks to our skilled and globally experienced technicians we are able to provide worldwide service at all levels in all kind of environments. We react on short notice and always make sure that our service technicians are properly equipped. Our professional setup includes 24 hour service 365 days a year.


Drawing on years of experience within our welleducated workforce we ensure efficient operations and optimum utilisation of resources at our customers. By doing so, we help securing investments and make sure our customers stay competitive. We optimise on everything from a single piece of machinery to an entire production facility – just as we
also specialise in the optimisation of energy.